The Most Important Thing to Know Is…


Kyle at Unity of SavannahYou’ve got talent.

And that talent is your purpose in life.

You know, music just comes so naturally to me that it is easy to overlook. It is easy to take for granted. It is easy to get annoyed when someone yells, “Play “Brown Eyes Girl!” It is really easy for me to think, “What difference is this making?”

Yet at the same time, I cannot deny the joy that my talent has brought to many people. Kids in hospitals, the elderly and dying at Hospice, casual diner’s at restaurants and people partying at bars, and most recently in Unity’s all over the southeast.

People have asked me so many times, “How do you do that?” and “How long have you been playing?”

And the answer is 1) I have no idea, I just know how to do it. and 2) I cannot remember not playing.

Recently in prayer and meditation I have been asking, “Where do I place my focus?” And the answer is, “On the precious jewel that God gave you.”

But I want to write more books! I want to paint! I want to give talks!

That’s the problem I have… I want to do so many things. There are so many places that I want to go and experience.

And I guess this is a good problem to have, if one has to have problems.

“Do it all.” comes the response. “YOU are the precious jewel you fool! It is YOU!”

“Oh goodness.” I reply.

For you dear reader, let me pass this on to YOU. Because YOU are the precious jewel. We are ALL children of God. No matter what you may claim, you have talents and things that you are good at.(You would not believe how many people tell me that they have no “special talent.” but please get the point that my talent of music doesn’t seem “special” to me. Get it?)

It is for us to discover ourselves and our special talents. It is for us to develop these and use them in whatever way we can to serve humanity.

It is as simple as that.

Do you know your talent and purpose? Are you honing your skills and using your talents?

Don’t waste another minute.

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