The Misperception of Perception


It is a little strange when you realize that ten people can look at a particular situation, a painting, or listen to a song, and each person can have a totally different perception of it.

How can this be? How come you don’t see what I see? I mean, it is pretty obvious what the situation needs, or what the painting represents, or what the song is saying.


It turns out that we perceive things based on our own experiences and belief systems.

As we go through life, we form associations, likes, and dislikes. Everything that you see and every word that you hear, triggers these associations in your brain.

Try an experiment and ask three different people today what they remember most about High School. There is a high probability that you will get three totally different answers.

What good does it do us to know this?

Two words come to mind; Compassion and Understanding.

Often when we are upset with someone or having trouble in a relationship, we say, “I just don’t understand why you did or said that!” Ever said that?

But when we understand that people have reason for what they do and say, even though it may not seem logical to us, it makes it easier.


Ask sincerely and not in a threatening way, and you might just be able to gain the understanding that has been so allusive.

When we stop demanding that our way is the right way and wondering why other people just can’t see, we grow tremendously. When we can genuinely say to someone, “I know you see this differently than I do, and I would like to understand,” we begin to take down the walls between us.

This does not mean that we agree, but it does mean that we can understand. And that is a good feeling. And in comes compassion, because we begin to be less judgmental with others. We can become less judgmental about ourselves too.

Thank you for reading my blog! Blessings to you!

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