The mind-body

Kyle Shiver

Kyle Shiver INHA

It is a proven fact, and we have known for eons, that if you think pleasant thoughts, it will calm you down. By “calm down” I mean that it will physically calm you down.  Your breathing will become slower and more even, your heart-rate will reduce, and the brain is stimulated in more helpful ways too. It is easy to see that what is going on in our minds has a major impact on our bodies, especially over the long-term. There are many doctors the world over, who will tell you that much of the illness that we suffer from, is psychological.

The trouble with this simple fact, is that for years I was unable to think pleasant thoughts. I was very angry, jaded, and hostile. I had a lot of forgiving to do. I didn’t understand life, or this God that so many people spoke of. I didn’t know why I was here on earth, and I certainly didn’t know what to do. I tried positive thinking and affirmations, I tried prayer, I tried to put on a “happy face”, but at the end of the day I would go home defeated. There was always that part of me that shot down every bit of positivity that I would try to instill, and as far as I was concerned, all the positivity and Spiritual stuff was a scam. The guy who was deep down inside of me would sabotage anything and everything I tried. This was the real me, and I was very full of negativity. It wasn’t until I began to “let it all out” with someone, to really tell someone about me and what I thought and how I felt, that any change for the better could happen.

It is not easy to face yourself when your self is so full of negativity. I was so hurt and angry and afraid and enraged, that I was afraid of what might happen if I let it all out. I thought I was “bad” and that I might go completely crazy if I started letting it out. Little did I know that when you let it out, it is out! Here’s two very important tips for you today concerning emotions:
1) You are the one forcing the emotions to stay locked up inside of you
2) If you would just allow them to be, if you would just welcome them and feel them, they would just go away.

We call it “running from” our emotions, but the reality is that we are keeping them inside of us, locked away deep down to fester. The longer we keep them inside, the bigger they get. When I started “getting it all out”, to my great shock and surprise, it felt good! I was relieved to no end. I was able to let all those negative feelings come to the surface, and then let them go. I needed help in forgiving, I needed help with anger management, I needed help in finding a way to understand the world, I needed all kinds of help, but at each step of the way, the teacher would appear.

Now I can think positive thoughts and use affirmations, and they work! Now I don’t have the “evil twin” inside of me, just disregarding everything that is positive. Now I find myself in a position to help others do the same thing I did. “Get it all out!”

Many blessings,



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