The Little Bug


spinning-vortexThere is this little bug who sits on my shoulder. Sometimes he is very talkative, saying things like:
“You shouldn’t be the way you are.”
“I wish you were better or further along.”
“Who are you trying to kid? You are no good.”
“Are you sure this is the right decision?”

Little bug thinks I should be better, smarter, faster, wittier, and sometimes no matter how sure I am of a decision I’ve made, he will question it. He always says I should be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else. He says I should have what you have.

The main message that little bug brings me is that something is wrong with me or that I am doing something wrong. But in reality, the message is even deeper than that. There is yet another door behind all these messages, and when you open that door, you see written on the wall; “I am wrong.” “I am stupid.” or  “I am ugly”.

It is one thing to say, “I made a mistake” but it is an entirely different ballgame to say, “I am a mistake”. It is one thing to say, “I did something wrong”, but again, it is an entirely different thing to say, “I am wrong”.

The message is not really about a decision, or a relationship, or a goal or intention that I may have, the message is that something is wrong with me at my core. Something is wrong with the decision maker, or the doer.

The little bug is actually our own selves. It is messages that we received from somewhere, and they were deeply embedded within us. We are afraid that something is wrong with us. We know that something is wrong with us. It is exactly this that causes us to falter in life, or to not move at all.

All of our struggles in life are with our selves.

Me? Oh, I still see the little bug and we know each other very well. There was a time when I listened to everything the little bug said, and behaved accordingly.

Then came the time when I heard the little bug, and I said to him, “Go to hell!” I began to be able to live and do things I really wanted to do, but all my actions were as if I were in a fight. I was trying to swat the little bug off my shoulder.

Now days I still hear the little bug rom time to time. I acknowledge him, because it is important to know he is there. But I don’t fight or swat at it anymore. I just keep moving forward and I speak the truth to the little bug, which I know by now, is ME.

Quieting the little bug or swatting him off our shoulder is all about changing the way we feel about ourselves at our innermost core. It is about re-writing the messages that are deeply embedded within us. 

This is what I have done in my own life that has allowed me to live in Heaven for so long. Heaven just gets better and better. It opens up more and more and things get brighter and brighter. I am by no means done with my journey into Heaven, but there is a certain point along the path where we begin to look behind us and extend a hand to others. We become helpers, healers, we are actual instruments of God. We know that everyone and everything in the Universe is an instrument of God. I didn’t used to know that. I used to think I was “bad” or “wrong”. Now I know better.

That little bug on your shoulder is you. You should listen to it, and listen to it well, because you need to know how you feel about yourself. If e want to change our lives, we must simply change the way we feel about ourselves.

How we feel about ourselves is what we are.

Over the next few weeks I will be coming here and blogging about primary ways that we can change how we feel about ourselves. I will coach you through the process no matter where you are along the way. Please share this with your friends or with anyone who may need it or benefit from it.

We start right now by me telling you that you are RIGHT. I want you to contemplate the idea that if there is a God, and if God made everything in the Universe, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that “everything in the Universe is of God”? And if everything in the Universe was created by God and is “of God”, then would that not include you?

When next you become aware that the little bug is whispering in your ear, I want you to share this new idea with him(or her). Tell this little bug that God made you and that this being the case, you are actually “of God”.

See what little bug has to say about that.

IMG_3335Kyle Shiver is an inspirational speaker, a spiritual healer, and writer. He lives in Heaven with his lovely wife and daughter and their cat Maximus, and their two turtles, and don’t forget the hamster. Contact Kyle via e-mail or call him at 912-495-8520

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