The, “Inner Transformation”


First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and to your family! I hope you know how much it means to me that you would take the time to read my blog, or listen to my music, and invite me to Unity’s all over the southeast to speak and play music.

I am a blessed man.

As we enter into this new year 2019, most of us at least consider our past and where we have come from, and then we think about what we want our future to look like.

There is no doubt that our thinking, and our actions, both help to shape our lives and how our lives unfold to a large degree. And we are encouraged to set intentions and to live intentionally.

But as we all know, things at times have a tendency to not go the way we had planned.

We don’t always get what we want. And often when we do get what we want, it is very different than the way we had imagined.

For instance, I literally worked, and schemed, and prayed for years to get this certain job in this certain place. When the Universe finally unfolded in a seemingly miraculous way that I had never anticipated and I got the job, it turned out to be the worst job I ever had.

It was nothing like it had appeared to me. Nothing.

There was another time when I had a good job. I had more than enough money for my bills, I enjoyed the job, and was planning on doing some things to stay in the profession. One day the boss came into town and fired me.

I thought the world had ended.

But as the next few years evolved, being fired from that job was easily the best thing that ever happened to me. (Maybe the second best, but it was really good.)

Hence, we can figure at this point that NOTHING is actually as it appears to us. This can make life for any of us a very frustrating ordeal.

When I throw up my hands and say, “I just don’t know,” my spiritual advisor always says, “Well that is a good start!”


Then come the other ideas of “dropping all desire and gaining enlightenment,” “lower your expectations,” and “Be here, now.”

If you listen, the very same person will tell you, “You can do anything! Set your goals and intentions really high! If your dream doesn’t seem outlandish, then it isn’t big enough,” will tell you that, “It is all within you already and you only need to discover it,” Nothing outside is going to make you feel better inside,” and even, “There is nowhere to go except here.” (I may actually be guilty of this myself)

Paradox. It is all a paradox.

What I do factually know is that the best people and situations in my life today, all came unexpectedly and sometimes to my great surprise.

As a matter of fact, my life today is absolutely nothing like what I set out for. It is nothing like I expected, and nothing like I had even imagined.

My life is so much better than what I ever even thought of or imagined. You see, I never even knew about the beauty that my life has turned out to be in the long run, and so it would have been impossible for me to imagine.

We do have to move. We do have to, “set sail,” so to speak. We have to have intentions and goals and we do have to keep moving forward. But let us remember that sometimes the wind, or, “God,” or, “the Universe” may have other ideas for us.

And this might just be okay.

Last week at Unity of Savannah, Reverend Dale led us through our annual, “Burning Bowl and White Stone” ceremony, and it turns out that my word for the year is, “LISTEN.”

And so listen I shall.

Thank you for joining with me along the path on Inner Transformation.

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