The Great Transitioning


So many people that I know, including myself, are going through lots of change and transition right now.

Transition and change is always a little uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful.

The facts is though, that everything in the Universe is moving all the time. Nothing is sitting still. Everything is in the process of dying and being reborn. Re-birth, re-generating, growing and blossoming.

This is the way of the Universe.

But we go through periods where things seem stable and unchanging and everything is okay. Perhaps a long period of routine that doesn’t change. And when things do start to change, or when there is a sudden shift, this can often rattle us.

Here are a few things to contemplate, that are very helpful to me during times like this;

– Remember that “This too shall pass.” However things are right now is not how things are always going to be. Personally, I try to remember that my daughter is not always going to be seven years old, we might not always live here in Savannah, …. things like that help me to remember to enjoy the moment.

– Remember that the Universe is working for you! It sure doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but the Truth is that the Universe is there for you. You may be someone who relies on the idea that “God loves me” or you may be more in tune with abiding by Universal Laws, but either way, the Universe is not against you! Either God loves you and is trying to get to you, or the Universal Laws are totally impartial and there for us to use. However things resonate with you, either of these ideas pits you against the Universe or God.

– Ask yourself the question, “What is trying to happen here?” This is a great tool to use and I use it very often. The idea being that if we can see what is trying to happen, if we can see which way the flow is going, then we can go with it, instead of against it.

An Affirmative prayer for us; I know that all things that are right now in this moment will pass. I will see the beauty that is ME and that is around me today and I will experience it fully. I know that the Universe/God/Creation is not against me. I know that the Universe/God/Creation wants me to have what I want. I release all pressure and stress and feelings of trying, desperation, and fear, because I KNOW that the Universe/God/Creation is working in my favor. All is in Perfect Absolute Divine Order.
And so it is. Amen. 

kyle_ssi_006Kyle Shiver is visionary and Spiritual Leader of Tybee Spirit. He is available for spiritual counseling and inspirational speaking. Call 912-495-8520 or e-mail 

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