The Flow of Abundance


kyle_ssi_003 We live in a world that is filled with abundance, yet many of us don’t have what we want and some don’t have even what we need. How could this be?

My old way of thinking would be to blame the politicians. If not them, I’d find somebody to blame or some reason why I was experiencing lack. It couldn’t possibly be my fault.

Could it?

A few years ago I got tipped off by a very worthy teacher that this idea of “abundance” is a two way street. I was told, “Kyle, if you want to receive, you must give.”

This is a Universal Law, and I don’t know how I’d missed it. I guess I had just been so worried and so caught up in being broke and in struggling through life, that it just went by me unnoticed.

So right away, I started giving. And right away things began to change.

For one thing, it was actually nice to think about what I could give to someone, instead of sitting around thinking about what I wanted and didn’t have and couldn’t seem to get.

This is not about giving someone ten bucks and then expecting to get the winning lottery ticket. This is not an “instant gratification” situation at all. This is a flow. This is a way of being. This is about realizing that you DO have something to give and becoming a giving person.

The breath comes in and it goes out. The waves come in and they go out. Night becomes day and day becomes night. The blood circulates around and through the body, leaving one side of the heart with oxygen and nutrients and arriving back to the station empty, only to be re-plentished. Off it goes again.

On Monday April 28th, I will be leading a guided meditation geared to help get you in to the Flow of Abundance! All are welcome to join us, and I do hope to see you there! 7:30 pm at Anahata Healing Arts. 


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