On Healing


If we want to heal, to grow Spiritually, to get “better”, to rid ourselves of bad habits, or to heal an illness, we are first going to need to find out exactly what it is that needs healing.
“That’s easy!” you might say. “I’ll just quit smoking!” or “I will be nicer to my wife.” You will probably get results just like you get with the New Years Resolution Diet. It may or may not work for a period of time, a few days, maybe a month, but it won’t last long if you are treating smoking and being mean as if they are the problem. The same holds true if you have an illness. Of course, you know you have migraine headaches, you know you have a diabetes, you know you have whatever illness you have, but I ask you to think of the illness as only a symptom.

Physicians treat illness directly, and I am the first to take my hat off to the field of medicine. Ever hear of anyone with smallpox or polio or TB in this day and age? The list of accomplishments of the the medical and scientific community couldn’t possibly be argued with. Unfortunately doctors get pooled in our minds with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and collection agency’s in the minds. I ask you to contemplate all of the wonderful blessings and miracles that doctors and scientists have brought to us, and you will quickly see that there are too many to count.

The next step is to simply understand that the word “physician” means physical. The word “holistic” means whole. A physician will treat your body, but there is much more to you than your body. I have already asked that you contemplate the many accomplishments of the medical and scientific community, asked that you not associate them with negative energy related to the field, and I will now go so far as to say that there is illness that is related totally to the body. I will also say that there is much illness that is related to much more than just the body. A lot of illness is related to the mind, the body, and the soul. For optimum health, all three must be treated.

Bad traits and habits are SIGNS that something is amiss, but they in themselves are not the culprits. The culprits hide underneath, and the only way to find them is to examine your reasons for their existence. This is the way to healing, as when you are “white knuckling”, sooner or later you are going to have to give your knuckles a rest. You cannot hold on forever.

The reasons will open up the door to your inner self, and give you a true idea of what is going on inside. We are concerned with changing ourselves on the inside, because when we change on the inside, the outside just takes care of its self. There is no struggle or strain or “white knuckling” involved, you simply and easily are just different. We cannot expect to experience changes on the outside until we change on the inside.

What kind of person are you? Why? In the interest of keeping it simple, just make a couple of statements about yourself, one about something you would like to change, and one about something you like as it is. When making the statements, lets not say weather they are bad or good, lets not place any judgement on ourselves. Here is an example:
– I smoke cigarettes (something you want to change)
– I have had the same job for 20 years (something you are happy with)

Why do you smoke? Why have you worked at the same job for 20 years? What is the reasoning, and does it make sense? Is it a good reason, or is it based out of fear? Are you a powerless victim? Are you afraid of change? Do you have goals, and are these traits in line with your goals? Sometimes when we start digging around, we might find that the thing we are happy with is much worse for us than the thing we want to change! Not always, but this can be the case. When there is something about ourselves that we can’t seem to change, this means that there is something inside of us that needs to be corrected. There is no reason other than the fact that something inside needs changing. We are the victim, we don’t want the responsibility, we don’t like ourselves, we don’t think we are worth bothering with, and we are for some reason, punishing ourselves.

If there is a problem on the surface, then the real problem is at the core. If there is something about yourself that needs changing or healing, I ask you: What is beneath the surface?




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