The Dark Night of the Soul


Kyle OM Tree 1It helps to look back on my life and see the ups and downs.

And there have been plenty of both.

But you know… there are those downs that are really down. The worst has happened, and you just don’t feel any hope or faith in anything anymore.

But yet you are still alive.

If you have survived one of these though, you can look back on it and know that you survived the last time you felt this way.

And you will survive again.

I sometimes envy those people who seem to never change. They are always the same. But I know that they too go through changes in life, as does everyone else.

Maybe some people handle them better than others.

But the point is that there is an ebb and a flow to life.

Here are a few ideas to ponder if you are in the middle of tough times right now;

– The people around you are very important. You want to have positive, loving, and supportive people around as much as possible. Can they fix you? No, not really. But they can be there with you. When I am in the middle of tough times, nothing means more to me than someone I trust telling me that, “This too shall pass.” When I am down, I need reassurance. 

– Always have a daily prayer and meditation schedule. No matter what time of day it is, have a daily prayer and meditation time. When in dark times, this is sometimes my only solace. I can get centered and calm down and just be peaceful during this time, and it is imperative for me. AND… you can do this more than once a day if needed. 

– Have an eating and sleeping routine. Being a musician and having a crazy schedule, this can sometimes be the most difficult part for me. I might not always have enough sleep when I show up. But I try very hard to adjust the schedule so that I can get enough rest. And especially during tough times, I take care to make sure I eat regularly. Things can get so much more magnified when you are tired and hungry. They just can. So sleep and eat.

-Exercise. Okay… this is my WORST fault. I have just never been the “fitness” type. Last year I walked/jogged and lifted weights pretty regularly for about 4 months. But then I went on a week-long trip and poof. I got off track and still haven’t really gotten back on, save for a few days here and there. I gotta get back to working on this. Why? Well, everyone knows all the benefits of exercise don’t they? It is good for you not only physically, but mentally as well. 

If you are experiencing tough times or the “Dark Night of the Soul” right now, you are going to get through this. It won’t last forever. It is passing and it is okay. And these times are for our growth, though they sure may not seem like it at the time. You’ve probably had tough times before, and you got through them then and you will get through them now.

I know you can do it. We’ll do it together.


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