The Beauty of Meditation


“That’s crazy!” he said.

“It is impossible to not think.” he said.

Then he said, “To think that you aren’t thinking is a thought!”

I knew right away that this man had not yet awakened and was still living in the mind. You see, there is a part of you that might say to me, “Kyle, my mind is racing and it won’t stop!” It would be that very same part of you that might also say, “Kyle, my mind is quiet and still and isn’t racing right now.”

And that part of you who knows weather the mind is busy or still… is not the mind. It is YOU!

That is the part I call SPIRIT.

We are spiritual beings, having a human experience. We are awareness. We are the “observer” or the “witness.” And the mind-body is our vehicle.

That’s right, it is for us to drive.

If you will take a few minutes each day and diligently practice holding your focus in one place, you will soon see that you can do it. You can focus on your breath or a mantra, or a spot on the wall or your “third eye”, it really doesn’t matter what you focus on.

The point is that you practice holding your focus.

And it will be just like anything else, in that the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

Soon you will realize that you are sitting there alone with your breath(or whatever you are holding your focus on) and that it is quiet in the mind. Then you will realize that you can do this any time you want to.

Then one night you will get in bed and your mind will want to start up with some worry or resentment, and you will say, “No!” You will direct your attention to you point of focus, and now you have learned to direct your mind, instead of being a victim of it.

This is the beauty of meditation.

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