The Angel Lillie Sands

with Lily Belle, and Miss Lillie Sands

with Lily Belle, and Miss Lillie Sands

Miss Lillie was my biggest fan.

She told me so all the time as she was hugging me. She would also ask me, “Are you gonna play my song today?”

When the band was playing, Miss Lillie was always the first one standing and ready to clap her hands and dance. Sometimes I could hear her urging us on, saying “Come on!”

Another thing she used to say to me all the time was, “You can do it!”

But Miss Lillie and I go way back. She was always a positive light, and she was always the kind of person that we should all want to be.

She cared.

When she found out that Heather and I were having a baby and were going to name her Lily, she brought the new born a card with a twenty dollar bill in it. The card read, “Hello Lily, my name is Lillie too!”

Many of us were blessed by Miss Lillie, and it will be an honor to play her song tomorrow at her memorial service.

She and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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