That Still Small Voice


kyle_ssi_001Yesterday while conversing with the Universe, I heard that small still voice reply to me; “The only thing wrong is that you are convinced that there is something wrong.”

What a concept this is.

Everything seems wrong to me sometimes. It seems as if I should have done things a different way. It seems like the Universe never gave me a fair break for all my hard work. Sometimes it just seems as if everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.

Today my Spiritual Advisor likened me to a turtle that has been turned on its shell and cannot get back to his feet.

And what a perfect analogy this is, because sometimes I do get turned upside down and I cannot seem to get a grip on things.

My Advisor asked me, “Just how powerful is your God?”

“All things are in Divine Order.” I replied, and he nodded his head affirmatively.

But let me tell you, this Divine Order is not always the way that I would have it be. And during these times I have to remember that I don’t know everything. I have to trust that there is a Divine Plan, and then move on as best I can, one step at a time.

Later on this afternoon I had a few minutes to sit out in the back yard and reflect. It struck me once again that I can either look at my life and see everything that is wrong, or I can look at my life and see everything as right.

It is the same glass. Is it half-empty? or is it half-full?

Random chaos makes no sense to me. I’ve said it a million times that the earth and the sun and moon, and the ocean,…. it is all just too perfect.

And so even though there are things in my life that are not going to way I’d like, and there are things in my life that are trying my patience to no end, I am going to listen to that small still voice

who tells me that everything is okay.

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