Thanks to Unity of Savannah!


Signing booksI want to say a big THANK YOU to Reverend Dale Worley and Unity of Savannah for such an amazing day on Sunday!

It is truly a blessing to have so much love and support from the congregation, and we had some fun, didn’t we? Oh yes the band and the choir yesterday were on fire up there!

Yes, the day was all about me!

Reverend Dale told me to pick all the music and put the services together, and that I did. Everything went as planned except for because of all the flooding, my friend/sister Lesta Sue couldn’t make it from Myrtle Beach. (But she was there in SPIRIT!)

Really, I am grateful. I am humbled. And it is hard to not see all the Good that is happening in my life these days.

The digital format for the book has been approved, but it is taking a while for it to become available. But in the meantime, if you would like a hard-copy, it is now available at AMAZON.

SPL cover (3)

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