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“There is no way to put a price on inner peace, serenity and happiness!!  When you first started working with me I had no idea how I was going to get “there” from where I was at the time, which was-busy mind, busy me, crazy schedule, crazy crazy….  I want to say…THIS WAS NOT EASY, but at the same time, it was the easiest thing ever.  Thank you for staying on me and making me stick with it and to sit through the uncomfortable feelings.  I feel like I have come through the other side.  I am calm, focused, happy and not letting people push my buttons.  So this is why I say, there is no way to put a price on this.  I cannot thank you enough and I’m pretty sure everyone else in my life thanks you even more.  LOL– “
Kandis Hasamear 

“As a person with a busy life and a lot of responsibility, I cherish my time with Kyle.  Through his guided meditations and Reiki treatments, I feel a release from stress and anxiety and move into a state of peacefulness and relaxation.  I am grateful for the safe and sacred space he creates and for Kyle’s assurance of respect and confidentially.  I highly recommend an appointment with Kyle Shiver to anyone seeking an oasis of stillness in the midst of chaos.” – Rev. Dale Worley, Unity of Savannah, Georgia

“Kyle’s music healing fills you with a state of well being. My stress and anxiety levels are lowered and I become aware of my connection with Spirit. My health has also improved, and I urge everyone to give it a try!” Judy Grahm

“I am very grateful to Kyle at the Spirit Center. While I have some knowledge of spiritual practices, I was in a stuck place and all my usual practices weren’t working. Kyle worked with me and I remembered a spiritual visualization that I had forgotten. I also had an “A-Ha” shift in perspective that enabled me to release, surrender and re-connect. It’s kind of like having a spiritual chiropractor!”
Dawn Frazer 

Working with you has profoundly supported the sacred shift in my life.  It’s a classic example of the old eastern concept: when the student is ready, the teacher will come.  You have the grace of healing – in your sessions, in your music, in your life. Thank you for sharing it with me and everybody else.
Debra Cullen 
Positive energy flows!! Hard work pays off and I am aligned with the SPIRIT brother. 
Happy news I have been accepted to the nursing program I have been working towards. Thanks for the inspiration and tips. U have helped me change in a good way!!!!
More words of wisdom. Thanks for helping me stay grounded when needed and wings when I need to fly. Thank you my guru.
Dianne in FL