Swami Kena and the OM

Kyle with Swami Kena at Savannah Yoga Barre 5-1-2016 by James R. Taylor

Kyle with Swami Kena at Savannah Yoga Barre 5-1-2016 by James R. Taylor

Last year when Swami Kena came through Savannah, (as he has for 11 straight years now) I had to be out-of-town.

So it had been nearly two years since we’d seen each other last when he was here recently, and it was wonderful as always to see him and get to spend time with him.

He’s been in the hospital a couple of times lately, and we had already planned and then cancelled his trip, when he called me one day and said, “See if we can still get those rooms on those dates, because I am coming.”

At one of the meditation programs, we were all gathered together early and had decided to wait a few minutes before starting, and he began to speak to us about the mantra and sound of OM. (There is a beautiful OM painting at the Just Be Centre that he was admiring.)

At Just Be Centre for Enlightenment.

At Just Be Centre for Enlightenment.

He told us that “OM is the sound of all frequencies together.” He told us a lot of things about it that I cannot quote, and then he told us about how he likes to go to Grand Central Station in NYC during the middle of the day and just sit and listen to the OM.

I asked him if he ever hears high-pitched frequencies when he is quietly sitting in meditation, and he said, “Yes, and that is the OM.”

If you listen for it, you can hear it anywhere. In a huge busy loud crowded place, or sitting peacefully in a quiet room.

Swami said that, “Om is the most powerful mantra.”

Paramahansa Yogananda spoke of OMing silently within yourself, and how you can do that without having to break for breath. It can be just a continuous OM.

The first few times I attended meditations and everyone started to OM, it was quite a strange experience. But the sound was so nice, that I soon joined in. And of course, now I am often the one starting the OM.

Anyway, I have been using OM as my mantra all week, and really enjoying it. I meditate at night, and so must OM within myself, so as not to wake my girls. Sometimes I do the long OM, (you don’t have to break for air when you are doing it silently within) and sometimes I like to just do a 4-5 second OM and repeat that over and over.

I would like to thank Lynn at the Savannah Yoga Barre, and also Nan at the Just Be Centre for Enlightenment in Bluffton SC, for offering your rooms for Swami to present his meditation program.

And I’d also like to thank Jim Taylor. He lives in Bluffton but was not going to be able to attend the night we were there. So he drove to Savannah to film and take photo’s. Thank you Jim!

Swami Kena at Just Be Centre for Enlightenment, Bluffton SC 5-2-2016

Swami Kena at Just Be Centre for Enlightenment, Bluffton SC 5-2-2016

As usual, my visit with Swami was too short. But he keeps a busy itinerary. As he was leaving, he hugged me and said, “Go do something nice for someone and don’t tell them. Or go pick up trash or something!”

Don’t you hate it when they do that?

But I will.

And I will OM while I’m doing it.

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