Swami Ken Meditation 7-24-12


Tonight I had the great honor of, for the second time, meditating with Swami Ken! He gave a glorious talk, the meditation was very powerful, after the meditation, the question and answer session was great. Swami answers questions with so much joy and kindness. I took my turn at speaking with Swami one on one, and he actually remembered me and the questions that I had asked him last year. We caught up real quick, and I gave him a copy of my CD “Open Spaces”. He gave me a photograph of himself, which he blessed, that I can put on my alter. He said “Next time I’m here, you must play the guitar, and I can play my singing bowl with you!” I promised to write him, and also promised that I would take him up on the opportunity to make sounds together.

A big thanks to The Savannah Yoga Room, and The Savannah Yoga Co-Op, for hosting Swami Ken here in Savannah. You bring us a great many blessings by hosting such wonderful events as this!

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