Kyle Shiver  INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

– People who struggle, will struggle no matter what.
– This means that the struggle is within YOU.
– Awareness of this is a great first step towards inner peace.

I know about struggle. My life used to be one struggle after another. It would seem that after a tough time would end, that things would be okay, but this is not how it was. Soon enough I would be involved in another struggle. I had addiction and behavioral problems galore while growing up, then I went into a string of really terrible relationships, then I began to try and “make something of myself”, and never did the struggle end. As a matter of fact, it seemed to only get worse.

I got clean and sober and got involved in a recovery community. I had a job, and tried to be a good guy. Now I just wanted a relationship, and this just would not work out. I wanted a career and did not know what I wanted to do with myself. I thought I got a sign from above, enrolled in college, and then shortly after, I dropped out. I got another sign and got two years into this plan and then one day it blew up. It really blew up. So I threw all my things into my Honda Accord and moved. Even after I had my “Self Realization”, life was a struggle. Now I was struggling to fulfill my purpose! I was trying to figure out a way to record a CD, trying to figure out a way to build a following, trying to get a gig an a club and not having any luck, and on and on and on…

I found myself in a very angry place. I had done my best. I had given my all. I had done this and that and everything else I could think of, and here I was still struggling. It was here that I discovered the three things you should know about struggle:

1) If you are struggling, it doesn’t matter what you get or what happens, you will struggle. The struggle is not outside of you it is inside of you and you carry it around from place to place, situation to situation. If you are broke and worried about money, you’d be even more worried if you had a lot of money. People who struggle, will struggle no matter what.

2) This means that the struggle is within you. You have inner conflict and the conflict is with your self, or with the Universe/God. You are working so hard and doing so much, but not getting what you want.

3) Become aware that it is not the world or the people around you or your life situation that is the struggle. Become aware that the struggle is YOU, and you have made a great first step.

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