Stress vs. Spirituality part 2



Kyle Shiver 

-When a feeling of gratitude is present, stress is nowhere to be found.

– If a person needs to learn the hard way, it is better to let them learn sooner rather than later.

– The change that happened within, changed the world around me. 

How could I possibly not want anything? Seriously? This made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, but at the same time, I knew it was my wanting that was causing my stress, so I had to figure it out.

In part 1 of this blog, you will remember that I said “wanting never ends”? This means that once I get what I want, then I immediately want something else. This turns into a constant state of looking ahead, living in the future, and what about all the things we get, only to discard for the next thing? The first step is to stop hunting for the next big thing that I have to have, long enough to appreciate what I already have. What accomplishments have I already made? It is very easy to not notice all the blessings that are already a part of my life. Making a gratitude list every day is a great way to get started. Write down 10 different things every day that you are grateful for, and before you know it, you will feel grateful. When a feeling of gratitude is present, stress is nowhere to be found.

When it comes to other people doing what I want, I learned to want others to do what they wanted, instead of what I wanted. I began to use affirmations like “I am a giver and I am here to serve”. When I stopped pulling on people and trying to manipulate situations, every issue that I had with everyone just cleared right up in a single instant. The change that I undertook within, changed the world around me. A surprising amount of people left my life at this time too. People are very used to these pushing and pulling relationships, and they have no idea what to do when you just smile and nod, and everything is fine with you. Would you agree that many people are hard headed?(I am) Why waste time trying to convince someone of anything? As soon as you start trying to convince, you have lost anyway. I learned to say “That sounds like a great idea!” to just about everything that anyone said to me. If a person has to learn the hard way, better to do it sooner rather than later. I also learned that other people can get along just fine without my input. I am just not as important as I would like to think sometimes.

Becoming grateful for your life, and the things that you have, and the people in your life, and then deciding to accept others as they are, will greatly reduce stress in your life.

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