Staying Calm In the Storm


Okay I will be honest with you.

The things that I can do that help me the most, that relax me the most, that heal me the most, are the last things on my mind during times of challenge or stress. 

So I literally have to make a list of these things, and then be very aware and conscious that I actually do these things.

For me it can be simply sitting and playing guitar with no intention.(Such as learning a song for a gig) Just playing. Just enjoying the sounds and playing purely for myself.

Writing is also a go-to thing for me. Get involved in a writing project. Or a drawing/art project, or why not meditate more often and sit in the stillness? Or take a walk around the neighborhood and admire the scenery.

You wouldn’t believe my music collection. Oh man… I have a LOT of music. More music than you could ever listen to. And yet, how much time do I actually spend just sitting and enjoying the music?

Very little. It is sort of like having a fancy car that I don’t drive. I just have it.

You know?

SO…. the idea of sharing this with my readers is simply because this is what I am personally working on today and in the coming days ahead. These are the best things that I can do for myself and for those around me. And these are the things that seem to be the most difficult to get myself to do.

I have lost work. Lots of people have lost work. I know someone who has been very much affected by the virus already and this is going to get closer and closer to home for many of us in the coming days. Our country has never really seen anything like what we are experiencing right now, and nobody really knows how everything will play out.

This is not to say that we should be frightened, but it is to say that we need to be prepared. The solution is getting prepared with nonperishable foods, and things that you may need if in fact, we cannot go anywhere for a good period of time.

But also the solution is to take care of ourselves and do what we need to do to remain centered.

So if you are like me, and you can relate to this, I urge you to make a list of things that you can do that will help you or take your mind off of the news. Fishing, crochet, painting, a project around the house, working on that novel you’ve always wanted to write, or whatever it may be for you, and then make sure you do as much of this every day as you can.

And we always remember that if we get off center, we can always come back!




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