SPIRIT meditation on 2-16-2012


SPIRIT  “If you feel discomfort here, then you will feel discomfort anywhere. There is nothing that anyone can do for you. If you worry, if you are wanting, then you will worry and want no matter what. When your worries are solved, when you get what you want, another worry will arise, along with more wanting. This is the way it is.”

me “My mind will not stay in the moment. It is always in the future, seeing how things are going to be, trying to figure out what to do to get what I want.”

SPIRIT  “You are correct! It is impossible for the mind to be anywhere near the present moment. The mind is a planner, that is all it is capable of doing. It looks outwards, away, it sees that which is not here. So it can only see false, a fantasy, a dream. The mind can only keep you worried and wanting and in discomfort. This is why we seek to separate ourselves from mind. We seek a state of “no-mind” which is truly what it says: NO MIND. As we practice meditation, our Presence will emerge and we will see the vanity of our mind. In meditation we can discard the mind, and experience a state of true awareness. We can truly be in the present moment. It is possible for you to become fully present and awake. To be totally in the moment with no thought of anywhere else, to live just this moment, fully. You need not be concerned with manipulating the outer world. You have no hands. You did not create the world or anyone in the world or even your own self, so let it go. Let the thoughts go by like clouds in the sky. Your job is to be present, to discard your mind and bring about your Presence. Look at your rocks, listen to your music, read your books, be totally with the people around you. In Presence, you will be comfortable and you will not worry and want. Once you have tasted this state, it is like a drug and you will want it again and again. The outer world will take care of its self. Your job is to take care of the inner world.”

me  “Thank you Great SPIRIT.

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