SPIRIT Healing Music Meditation on October 23rd!!!


Friends, I will be leading my first SPIRIT Healing Music Meditation session on Sunday October 23rd, and I hope you all will come and join us! It will be held at Unity of Savannah Center for Spiritual Awakening, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
True, this is serious business, but please don’t expect an air of heaviness, because this is a celebration!!! I will give a short introduction welcome and talk, and then there will be one hour of healing sounds and meditation. When the hour is up, we will have a few moments for re-entry, questions, and we will all feel better when we leave!!!
I offer great thanks and blessings to my friends Lauren Lapointe, and Cleveland Beach, for allowing me to come into their Yoga and meditation sessions and gain my first experiences playing music in these settings. Also, I offer great thanks and blessings to Reverend Dale Worley and Reverend Arlene Meyer at Unity of Savannah for supporting this dream that is now ALIVE.

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