Social Media Works!


IMG_2375The consciousness is changing and people are becoming more and more aware every day.

There are so many things we have in today’s world that we did not have when I was young, like seat belts, bicycle helmets, and smoking laws. I sit at my computer every morning and see all the animal rights battles going on all over the world, I hear about all the food battles going on, it is pretty amazing to me. With all of our technology it seems to me that more people get more messages now than ever before.

Social media makes the world a lot smaller, but at the same time, it makes my world a lot bigger.

At first glance, I’m not much of a law person. The seat belt laws still sort of irk me. Free country? hmm… I wear my seat belt and always have, but the fact that I can get a ticket for not wearing it is a little strange to me and probably always will be.

But, (and that is a big but) we have less vehicle deaths, less head injuries with children on bikes, and less lung cancer from smoking. We are generally becoming more intelligent because of the access to information.

Food is a big one. All the documentaries and all the social media reports have made people aware of what we are eating, and a lot of people have changed their eating habits because of it. Of course, the interstate exits of America still have the same junk, (try this, it tastes just like chicken!) even some of those places have been forced in to offering healthy alternatives on their menus.

Social change is happening because of social media.

Do you agree? I’d like to hear some of your insights about social media and the changes you feel it has caused.


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