Should I? Or Should I Not?


The other day someone asked me, “How am I supposed to know when to let it go, or when to keep trying?”

On one hand we are told, “Don’t give up before the miracle happens!” but on the other hand we are told, “Fool me once and it is on you. Fool me twice and it is on me.”

Many of us are also familiar with the definition of insanity, which is “doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results.”

I laughed.

Not a mean spirited laugh but more like an, “I wish I could answer that for you” laugh.

But I cannot answer that for you. Even though I’d like to at times. (To be completely honest, there are times when I do blurt out what I see as “the obvious”, but am careful to say that “until YOU see it, it really isn’t going to help.”)

Just for clarification, if you are feeling a little as if this blog is about you, it probably isn’t. The Universe has blessed me with many Spirits all over the country who are pretty much all asking this same question. So honestly, this blog could be for any of us, including me.

Let’s not forget that I am navigating through this life just like you are, and have to make decisions all the time too.

But a big part of my job is to direct or lead a person to find the answers within themselves, and the answers are already there. That being said, here are some things that have helped me immensely over the years when trying to decide to let something go or keep it;

– Remember that the mind can show us the pros and cons, but that the mind is not US and the mind cannot make our decisions. You are going to have to come forth. As my Spiritual Advisor says, “There is a price to pay for everything no matter what you decide, so what price do you want to pay?”

– Remember that this is a world of give and take. The Universe is a flow of giving and receiving. This means that it is crucial for me to know what I need to get out of a situation. Somehow we can get to thinking that we aren’t supposed to be thinking about ourselves, but this is simply not true, and very unreasonable. Be clear about what you have to offer, and be clear about what you want to receive.

– When I truly get into a state of Absolute Presence, (mindfulness, Christ Consciousness, awareness) it usually becomes very clear to me that the decision I am trying to make is in reality, not all that important. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but when we get caught up in trying to make a decision, it becomes a…….. DRAMA.

– DRAMA is not real. It is something that I have created in order to take my attention off of what really matters. (this is a tough one I know)

– The Ultimate Question when making a decision : “Is this in line with my intentions?”

In any case, let us affirm together that we are “Spiritual Beings who are having a human experience.” Let us affirm that we are not the mind. That we already know the answers we seek. We know exactly what to do. We know what matters and what doesn’t matter so much. We need not be afraid to let things and people go who are no longer serving us and our intentions. We are clear about our intentions and know what is “in line” and what is not. Let us move accordingly, knowing that all is well right now in this moment.

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Jennye says:

It is my experience that when I do these acts:
1. Align my intentions with the Guidance, Will, and Sacred Path of my Creator co-creating for my Highest Good
2. Surrender each and every day for this day, this moment is all I have …..
That the next right thing and the pathway of Walking my Talk is crystal clear. I agree, Kyle, that our Monkey Minds will never figure anything out or come up with a decision…but our EGO will try to convince us it can. The longer I practice Spiritual Principles and daily use the Spiritual Practices I am guided to utilize, the easier it is to surrender people/places/situations .
Thank you for your thoughts! Blessings as we each walk beside each other on our respective journeys,

kyle says:

You know I love my Jennye!!!! Thank you!