Sex and Spirituality (part one)


kyle_ssi_008I’ve never been one to go around talking about my sex life in public. It has always seemed to me that whatever you want to do when you get home, is your business. This I think, is why I’ve never had a problem homosexuality or homosexuals  The way I see it, when you get home, you can do whatever you want.


Right. Heterosexual or homosexual or whatever sexual you may be, we are all sexual beings. I am sure that there are some who are “more sexual” than others, but being sexual is something that everyone has to deal with. Everyone has a different experience with sex, but everyone has some kind of experience with it.

It is not my fault that I like women any more than it is my fault that I don’t like onions, and I figure that if someone is homosexual, that is probably not their fault either. You are attracted to what you are attracted to, and that is that.

Of course though, the number one emotion that we deal with when talking about sex, is guilt. This is something obviously that homosexual people get plenty of, but the truth is that we all have our share of guilt where sex is concerned.

We learn that sex is for married people, we learn all sorts of crazy ideas and rules about sex, but mostly what we learn is that we should feel guilty about it. I used to try and figure out how God could make the thing that everyone wants to do the most, a sin. I also still think it quite ironic that not only in our culture, but is Eastern cultures as well, the “most spiritual people” such as the priests, and the nuns and the monks, all practice celibacy. This unconsciously tells us that “I am not as much of a spiritual being as the priest or the monk”, and that is a bunch of malarky.

Later in life, I realized that sex is just like pretty much everything else in life, it can be a good thing, or a troublesome thing, depending on how you behave.

Money isn’t bad is it? I mean actual money, as in a dollar bill. No, money isn’t a bad thing, but people can be either honest and giving, or dishonest and selfish with it.

Food isn’t bad is it? I mean actual food as in an apple or a pizza. No, food is just simply food. A person can eat an unhealthy diet and too much food, or a healthy diet and just enough food.

I have come to see sex in this same way as money or food, or anything else in life. What matters is how I treat it, what I do with it, and my behavior.

When it comes to sex, it is up to me and my partner (or partners) to decide what is healthy, as opposed to unhealthy. Everyone involved needs to be in agreement. Then sex is healthy. Then there is no reason whatsoever for guilt.

The number one most important thing that I can say about sex is that when I make a promise, take a vow, or make an agreement with another person, I am first and foremost making a promise, taking a vow, and making an agreement with myself.

This is because I don’t have control over other people. I am only responsible for my self. This brings integrity in to play, because this means either my word is good, or it is not.

Integrity means doing what you say you are going to do.

Living a spiritual life means to me that I work on developing integrity in all areas of life. Integrity with money, integrity with food, and yes, integrity with sex.

Regardless of your sexuality, have integrity, and have fun!


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Julie says:

For me, sex is an integral part of my soul’s creative expression. Sexuality is an expression of our spirituality. Our unity and oneness with all that is. Thank you for your beautiful post!

Jennye says:

Nice article! What it comes down to, in my opinion, is to act out of integrity in every area of our lives. When we do this we are honoring our Divine Self!