Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom


Unity Village 2017 Summer

It is really difficult for many of us these days, to not get caught up in all the disturbances in the world around us.

On the news, social media, and out in public, people are taking sides and spouting off all kinds of untrue  and conflicting information to the point that it is absolute lunacy.

A storm on full display.

Some of us have trouble staying calm when there isn’t a storm.

You know?

I personally have three situations in my life right now that could be considered, “Major Life Situations,” which simply means that they are big things.

And sometimes I am nothing more than a storm, walking around in a storm.

Ever felt like that?

When I get like that, it is super easy to be triggered, to be more impatient than usual, to be angry and frustrated, to be judgemental, and to go off the deep end in any direction.

Some of you may be familiar with a prayer called, “The Serenity Prayer.”

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” 

This little prayer is such a powerful insight into how to remain calm, and to stay focused.

The major thing that we have to consider here, is how much time and energy do I spend, worrying about or actually attempting to change things that I cannot change?

Things that I have absolutely no power over. Other people, other situations, what someone posts on Facebook, or an article posted by some news organization.

You see, I have figured out that when I’m really having a difficult time, it is because of exactly this. I am not accepting what I cannot change. I am worrying, or at times actually attempting to change something or someone that I cannot change.

Lots of wasted energy.

And of course when I am so wrapped up in YOU, then there is no attention on myself, or even what I am doing in my own life.

So in essence, I can spend all my waking hours trying to move a twenty ton rock with a couple of toothpicks and a fork. Meanwhile, not paying attention to those I should be paying attention to, not doing the basic things that are important for my well-being, etc…

Often I have to ask my spiritual advisor or some other confidant about things, because I do not understand which is which.

You see, I actually get to thinking that I can change things that I cannot change. And I also get to thinking that I cannot change the things that I actually can change. (the storm)

My focus of late has been to clearly identify the things in my life that I have no power over, and to ask the Universe for serenity. You see, I can just lack the serenity to accept things that I don’t like. And I need serenity.

I also ask for courage. Courage is needed to do what I don’t really want to do. See, I’d much rather focus on something or someone else. That is really easy. But to focus on me??? That means I have to be taking actions! Jeeez….

So with this blog, I’m just sharing with you what I have been using in order to calm the storm within me when it arises, and also to help me stay calm in the storms around me.

I invite you to take a few moments with the serenity prayer, and you might find the same things I have found.


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