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kyle_ssi_002 3 Skype, Facetime, or phone sessions have proven to be invaluable, because while getting the same results as a one on one personal session,(if not better) you can work with me from anywhere in the world!

Call for your FREE 15-30 minute assessment session. We get to meet, and decide if we both feel that we are a good fit for working together.

I can work with you as a general life coach, but am also certified as a, “Holistic Health Care Practitioner,” and have a bachelor in, “Spiritual Healing” from the Yogananda Institute.

It is my intention to help facilitate your personal, “Self Realization,” and to assist and support you in expressing your SPIRIT to the world!

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STEVEN Fall says:

hWwassssuP := ))KYLE ShiveRRRr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladies and gentlemen,
May I ,ntroduce YOU a
very special welcome to my friend and spiritUallEngineer>>>>Kyle Shiver.

just messin around; I appreciate your thanks.
Good luck an happinessSteven

Margaruite is amazing btw
I Always Enjoy Seeing Ya’ll

Happi Hollydays

Anna Skinner says:

I LOVE the content of your website. The only suggestions I have are a) include an overview of your services on your home page, above your blog, and b) somewhere on the website give a brief description of how one of your sessions might go. Does that make sense? I think this website has some really good examples of how to create a website to attract customers: Great job, Kyle. Keep it up!!!