Satisfied (A Kyle talk from 2010)


Dear reader, I delivered my first talks/sermons in late 2010 and this is a talk I did at Tybee Church, and also at Unity of Savannah. This being my first experience with public speaking, it was a little rusty, so I took the transcripts of both talks, and came up with this. I do hope that this is helpful to you and that you will join me in this moment, right here in Heaven, and feel satisfied. Many blessings to you!

SATISFIED    by Kyle Shiver

I want to talk to you today about using what is called a “mantra”.

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation”(from wiki)

Often times a mantra is given to a person by his or her guru, or spiritual teacher. In my case, as soon as I read the phrase that was to become my mantra, I just inherently knew that this was “it” for me.  I had been turned off of church and Christianity early in life, and had spent many years avoiding the Bible, but as I began to pursue Spiritual studies, I decided that it was time to sit down alone, and read the Bible for myself.  I opened up to the New Testament, and right away my mantra appeared. “Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” I have since used this phrase as a mantra, to remind me, and to affirm to myself where I am at all times.

The way my Bible reads, it was John the Baptist who was first reported as making this statement. Later, Jesus himself began to tell people the very same thing. When I read this little statement, I cannot tell you how giant the shift was, that occurred within me. I was in shock at first, and then I felt a great sense of relief come over me. You see, the Kingdom of Heaven is not somewhere you are going to go. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a goal that you are going to achieve at some future time, after you pass from this earth, if you are good. Jesus doesn’t say “The Kingdom of Heaven is across the ocean” or “We must go into town to the Kingdom of Heaven.” No, he says that Heaven is at hand! Heaven is right here and now. This brought a great sense of relief, because this meant that all I had to do was see. This meant that I was blind. I didn’t feel “Heavenly” most of the time, and I certainly did not see the world as any kind of Heaven.

So I wondered “How do I see it?” “Why can I not see it?” I wanted to feel it, see it, I wanted to experience Heaven, and I was relieved to know that even though I wasn’t experiencing it, I was in it already. So I began to use this statement as an affirmation, as a mantra, all the time. I would repeat it over and over again during the day, and use it while in meditation at night. I knew that repeating it would bring it in to reality, and it did just that. In life, I had battled drugs and alcohol, I had been very angry and hostile most of my life, and I had pretty much battled everyone and everything in my life at one time or another. Now I was clean and sober, I wanted to grow and develop a relationship with God, and I knew that this was the only way to true happiness. Life has ups and downs, life will throw you a curve ball, and then two days later, you win the lottery. So I began to use this mantra, and to remind myself over and over again that I was in fact, in Heaven. I began to look harder, to listen harder, and Heaven slowly but surly began to reveal its self to me. This was the beginning of my “great transformation”.

It was about this time, that I was given a Spiritual exercise. I am not known for going to the gym, or jogging, but a Spiritual exercise was something that I was up for. I was told to simply find one thing in my life that I was satisfied with. I was told to find one thing, name it, and then spend a few minutes feeling satisfaction.  I said “Man that is no trouble, look at me I’m Georgia Kyle! Look at this! I’ll walk out in the yard! I have a back yard you know.” So I walk out in the back yard, and the first thing I see is that it needs mowing. The garden needs work. I still haven’t picked up the pinecones from the Fall. Not very satisfied with the yard. So how about my car? Okay lets go see the car, but, the car has a strange wiring problem and sometimes it won’t start when I’m ready to go. Now the gas gage is broken and I can never remember how much gas I have. So I can’t use the yard or the car. I went through a handful of things that I could be satisfied with, and I was satisfied with nothing. Just a few moments before I had thought that there would be no problem, that I had plenty of things in my life that I was satisfied with, and now here I am, learning that I am not satisfied with anything. Gotta work on that. As I went from thing to thing, it became clear to me that I wasn’t satisfied with anything. The yard, the car, it seemed that there was something wrong with everything I tried. It dawned on me that I wasn’t satisfied with anything or anyone, and that I was not satisfied with myself either. No wonder I couldn’t see and feel Heaven! I had to stop that way of thinking, and I had to become satisfied. I had to give everything and everyone, including myself, a break.

So I have this old guitar that I found in a shed. I play music on it all the time, and it is just perfect. I found it in a shed, it does what it does, and I am going to be 100% satisfied with this guitar.  Okay I can feel 100% about that. The trick is to be 100% satisfied with one thing. Can you think of one thing in your life that you are totally 100% satisfied with? I want you to think of something, and lets take a moment right here right now in this moment, right here in Heaven, and lets all feel satisfied. Think of the thing or the person or something about yourself that you are satisfied with and lets feel it.


It feels good to feel satisfied. I started small and I worked my way up. Now I go out in my back yard and I say “You know what back yard? I’m happy with you just like you are right now.” I always cut my grass. I have a limit that I let it get to and then I cut it. I look at my car and do you know what? That sucker got me here this morning, and so I guess the car is alright. I look at my self. Here I am just like I am. I look at you and here you are just like you are, and I am satisfied.  Feeling satisfied is a great way that I have found to experience Heaven. Many times I don’t see or feel Heaven. I get caught up in life, and here I am again having a bad day. I remind myself, that I am in Heaven, and I allow myself to just stop and be satisfied for a minute. “Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

Many blessings to you!

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kyle says:

Bless you on your journey Bob. You are a perfect SPIRIT and remember that the masters tell us; “There are no mistakes in God’s world.”

Bob Tripp says:

I am an old man now, and in no danger of getting any younger. Certain situations in my life have caused me grave concern. Realizing that “the kingdom of Heaven is at hand ” makes it possible to move forward with the full faith and knowledge that only minimal damage has been done.
Best Thoughts,
Bob Tripp