Roy Eugene Davis 1931-2019


Kyle with Roy Eugene Davis at Center for Spiritual Awareness 2015

Roy was a beautiful Spirit. He always had a big smile on his face, he was always so gracious and gentle, yet he had all about him a great magnificent power.

My great appreciation and study of Paramahansa Yogananda led me to Roy, because Roy had been taught and initiated into the Kriya Yoga tradition by Yogananda. Roy had also been ordained in the Self Realization Fellowship by Yogananda and was appointed minister of SRF in Phoenix Arizona back in the 1950’s just a short time before Yogananda made his transition.

Now all these years later I hear about Roy, who is the last living and teaching disciple of Yogananda, and his meditation retreat in north Georgia called Center for Spiritual Awareness. I began to come across his monthly magazine the, “Truth Journal,” and soon I made plans to go for what would turn out to be a yearly retreat.

Thankfully I got to go four times, for a week each time, to sit with Roy, to listen to his talks, and always made an appointment with him so that I could get some one on one time. He initiated me four times into Kriya Yoga, each time more deeply than the time before. 

Today I imagine him sitting back in his chair and smiling and saying, “Why would you be upset?” “What did you think was going to happen?” “Did you think I was going to stay here forever?” 

He would then laugh that joyful laugh of his, and say, “Oh my…”  

With Roy Eugene Davis at CSA in August 2018

He was always just so… practical. Short hair and not a one out of place. His shirt was always tucked in. He always taught us about discipline and how the body and the mind work so much better when there is a disciplined routine. “Do everything at the same time every day,” he would often tell us. 

Here was a man who truly dedicated 100% of his life to God.

I am so very grateful to have known and experienced him. To have him transition to the next realm is merely the next step in not only his, but in our journey. 

His lessons, teachings, and Spirit will ALWAYS be with each of us. 


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