ReWrite Your Inner Hard-Drive (part 3)


IMG_3510To rewrite the inner hard-drive is no joke, and it is no small feat. The way that you think and feel is what you are. The way you think and feel is going to dictate the outer circumstances of your life. This is who you are, and if you are coming from a negative place, this is what will manifest in your life.

So if we want to change the outer circumstances, we must go within to do the changing.

Quite often when working with people, I find myself assuring them that, “Your “feeler” is not broken.” I can assure you of the same thing. The way you feel is in direct response to the way you perceive a situation. Your feelings are very appropriate for what you perceive around you.

To change and rewrite the inner hard-drive means to change inside. It means that we will perceive things differently.

For me, it felt as if I would have to become somebody else. There was a part of me that didn’t really want to “become somebody else” or to change, but then there was the part of me who was living an extremely painful and unpleasant life.

Things weren’t going the way I wanted them to, yet the same patterns happened over and over again. Life was getting harder, worse, and more unpleasant every day, until one day I decided I’d had enough. My perception could not possibly be “right perception” because it definitely was not creating anything good.

As I dug to the bottom of all my negative ways of seeing the world, my shovel hit something hard. It was a big box. I pulled it out of the ground, cut the lock, and opened it up. What came out, looked something like this:

“Where is my grandfather? Why are we here where anything bad can happen to any of us at any time? I hate this ride and I want off, but there is no way off. I am trapped. We are all trapped. Why? What for? Who would do this to me or to anyone? Whoever would do this must be supremely evil. How can I love someone when something bad may happen? What am I supposed to do?” 

Inside this box was the basic components of my inner hard-drive. It wasn’t hard to figure out upon examining the contents of the box, why my life was going in the wrong direction.

I was so afraid to die that I did not want to be alive.

I saw the world as a very mean and scary place, and so that is how the world was for me for many years.

Rewriting my hard-drive did not mean changing the world, it meant changing my perception of the world.

There were lots of things to be worked out with my self and that was done mostly in the mirror. There were also lots of questions to be answered and those were answered by other people who soon entered my life and also from the many books I read on spirituality.

Once you take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions, things change. Once you take the responsibility for creating the circumstances of your life, things change. Once you decide to take the wheel, things change. Once you admit and see that it is your perception that is the problem and the cause of all your problems, things change. I promise.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”





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