ReWrite the Inner Hard-Drive(part 2)


IMG_2569Louise Hay, who is the author of many best selling books, including “You Can Heal Your Life”, and who also owns Hay House Publishing, says: “To look yourself straight in the eye and make a positive declaration about yourself is, in my opinion, the quickest way to get results with affirmations.”   

Louise Hay says she’s never seen anything more effective than “mirror talk” and she talks and writes about it all the time.

I like it too.

But I have found that this is not an easy task for many people. Many people won’t even look into a mirror, much less actually make eye contact with themselves. Some just look at me a little funny when I mention or suggest it, and there are others who are completely horrified by the idea.

Obviously, this is a clear indication of how they feel about themselves.

When it was first suggested to me, that I go to a mirror and look myself in the eyes, and have a good long talk, it wasn’t easy. To start with, I had somehow gotten the idea that “people who talked to themselves were crazy”. It did in fact feel a little crazy at first, but I quickly sensed that there was something good about it.

I started with the basic “Hello Kyle, it is nice to meet you”, and it wasn’t long before myself and I were having some pretty intense conversations.

You recall in the previous blog that when we first begin to rewrite the inner hard-drive and we start working with affirmations, it is because we don’t actually believe the affirmations? Well,… you have to work those things out with your self.

I didn’t believe that I could be me. I didn’t believe I deserved success or to have money. I didn’t like myself and I had many reasons for not liking myself. I was totally convinced that my life was just a hardship, and that I was no good to myself or anyone else.

So I soon found myself looking into my own eyes and having to explain and reason with myself. This was truly the beginning of making any kind of sense out of my life. I was and still am like most people in that nobody is anywhere near as hard on me as I am. The more I met with myself in the mirror, the more I saw how unfair I was with my own self. I saw how hard I was on my own self. I saw the self hatred that I had nurtured within, and not only was it reflected back at me in the mirror, it was reflected in all areas of my life.

The truth is that it has been a long road out of that place of despair I once lived in, but what a wonderful road it has been! Just one good heart to heart talk with yourself in the mirror can be enough to begin this wonderful transformation in your life, and I have witnessed this more than one time.

Todays sometimes I wish my wife liked my hats. I sometimes wish that a person would “get me” when they don’t. I think we all have an innate sense of wanting to be liked and wanting to be loved and accepted and not just tolerated, but appreciated and celebrated.

The one sure way to bring this into reality in you life, is to get to know yourself. Love yourself. Appreciate and celebrate yourself. Here’s a quote from yours truly; “The man who truly loves himself, will automatically be truly loved by others.”

One last thing… the more revolted you are by the idea of “mirror work”, the more you need it.


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