Rewrite The Inner Hard-Drive


“You will never hear a happy person walking around saying, “I am happy”, or “I am worthy of happiness”. Only people who aren’t happy will say these things.” OSHO 

An affirmation is the beginning point for creating what I want, weather it be happiness, money, or love. When I begin to use a new affirmation, I am in reality, trying to convince myself of something.

It is just like when you try out the idea of positive thinking, and you make positive statements, but you really don’t feel that way. “What good is this going to do?” we ask. It is for this reason that most people don’t stick around long enough to get results.

The really ironic thing that I want to point out here, is that we always want something good for ourselves. Am I right?

We want to be happy and to have a grateful attitude. We want to be successful and make more money. We want good relations with our families and friends. We want to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise, take up a new hobby or try something new in life.

In all of these cases, we only want good things for ourselves.

The truth is that we don’t think we are good enough, or smart enough, or witty enough, or good looking enough. We don’t think we measure up, or that we “have it in us”. We simply do not feel worthy.

We don’t feel worthy of happiness, success, and prosperity, because if we did feel worthy, we’d have it all.

It seems that there is a side of us that wants it, and a side that doesn’t. What we do with affirmations, is we feed the side of us that does want to grow and succeed. We just simply want this side to get bigger than the other side.

Here are some simple affirmations that I invite you to work with in the beginning. Notice how you feel, notice what kinds of thoughts go through your mind as you ale the affirmations. If you don’t believe an affirmation, or if the negative voice pops up in your head, that is okay. Listen to this voice, because it is going to tell you what you need to know. It is going to tell you why you don’t have what you want.

– I can direct my life to go any way I choose.
– I am worthy of (fill in the blanks)
– I am a child of the Universe, so I am of the Universe.
– All the power of the Universe is within me.

We’ll meet back here again in a few days and proceed from here.

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