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The Power Symbol

The Power Symbol

I’d like to begin this blog by telling you that at first I was skeptical of Reiki energy healing. Even though I was born a musician and have always had music coming through me, have always had visions and art coming through me, even though more than most people I meet, I know that there is “something out there”. Even though in 1994(19 years ago) I dedicated my life completely to my natural talents, with the understanding that the reason I had them was that I was supposed to use them, and I have been taken care of ever since. Even with overwhelming evidence, I still wasn’t sure about this energy healing business. Instead of dismissing the idea, I decided to investigate, and give it a try. What I have found thus far, is that Reiki is in fact, very real. In my first year of practice, already I have seen amazing results, both on myself and my clients. Also, I believe that my abilities can become even stronger, as I practice and develop. I felt that this clarification was needed, because there seems to be many people who are not so sure about Reiki. I can only assure you that if I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, experienced it in my own life, if I don’t know it to be true, I have better things to do than pretend. Thank you for reading on. 

As far as healing goes, I am a person who “senses” things.  I am sensitive to your energy, to my energy,  I am sensitive to my environment, to odors, to noise, to pretty much everything. So I know that energy is reality, I know that we, as humans, are made up of energy, and that everything in the Universe is energy. I became a Reiki Master because I wanted to learn more about energy, and about how to use if for the benefit of myself and others.  Reiki is a form of healing that deals directly with energy.

The important thing to know about Reiki, is that as a Reiki Master, I do not give you my energy, nor do I exchange energy with you. I simply act as a conduit for energy to pass through me, and in to the receiver. Reiki is sometimes called “Hands- on” healing, as this is how it is transmitted. The practitioner will place his or her hands upon the crown of your head, over your ears, and at other key points. Reiki can be transmitted without touching though, with the practitioner holding his or her hands slightly above the body. I tend to use hands on and hands off, depending on the situation, depending on what I intuit, and have positive results from both techniques. Reiki can also be performed from afar, and this is commonly called “Distance Healing”. There is no time or space concept in the realm of energy.

Reiki also incorporates the use of symbols, such as the “Power” symbol. These symbols contain great energy, and a practitioner will trace them on his or her palms, and at times, will trace them on the body of the receiver. For instance, in some treatments, the practitioner will trace them on to the crown of a patients head, the forehead, and the heart.  I actually use these most often when doing a distance healing.

To become a Reiki Master, the first thing for me was to be “attuned” by my teacher. After my attunement, I performed Reiki on myself every day for 30 days. Then came my case studies, and working with people one on one. I learned about the chakra’s, and the meridians, and soon discovered that I could scan my hands over a persons body, holding my hand several inches above the body, and feel “hot spots”. These are places in the energy field that need attention and healing, and also these places can tell you a lot about diagnosis of what issues a person may have. As I have worked to develop my awareness, I  can now sometimes sense these hot spots, without touch. I don’t see them, but I just know that they are there, and I know where they are.

Anyone can do Reiki. We are all made of the same components, and we are all energy, so we all have the ability within us. Senses are something that can be developed, once a person has gained awareness. Most of my healing is done via my senses, while I have met quite a few healers who can actually see energy with their eyes. Each healer develops his or her own way of understanding energy and working with it.

This is just a brief overview of Reiki, and my experiences so far. I am always glad to answer any questions that you may have. For a more technical description, you can read all about Reiki HERE.

Many blessings!

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