Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

With approximately four minutes to go in the game, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks threw his fourth interception of the game.

There had been no sign of offense for Seattle at all. The seven points they had scored had come from special teams, when they successfully faked a field goal attempt.

The Green Bay Packers had shut them down completely.

I texted my friend Donna, who is a Green Bay Packers FANATIC and asked her, “Where are we going to watch the Super Bowl?”

Then I went to the other side of the house and told my wife, “The game is over, and my team won and we are going to the Super Bowl!”

I could have easily had already turned the t.v. off, but I’d let it stay on.

Upon returning to the living room it seemed that Seattle had somehow scored. They were lining up to make on onside kick.

Which landed directly onto a Green Bay Packer, who dropped it into the hands of a Seahawk.

Now I screamed.

Seattle scored again and went ahead by three points.

The Packers had a minute and a half left, and they went down the field and out comes the field goal kicker, who had already kicked four field goals.

I couldn’t watch.

Heather said, “I thought you said the game was over?”

Most people know by now that Seattle won the game in overtime. It was one of the greatest NFL games ever.

The reason why I’ve made the game my topic today is because, of course, I am a football fanatic myself.

But what we saw yesterday, what made this particular game one of the greatest all time games, was a thing called “Perseverance.”

It isn’t often that we get to see someone standing in the face of so much adversity just stand up and say, “Well you have beat me down for 95% of the day, but we still have a couple of minutes left here.”

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks proved that it does not matter what happened ten minutes ago.

It doesn’t matter what happened for most of the game, or for most of your life.

The past is just that; the past.

When he threw that fourth interception, most teams would have conceded. “Nothing has gone right all day, and now this is the cherry on top.”

What kind of person can just completely erase the past from his mind and be here right now?

How often do we bring our past into our present?

How often do we think that just because it has been this way for a long time, or just because every time we have tried in the past we have failed, that things have to stay the same? Or that it is going to fail again this time?

True, we are supposed to learn from our past mistakes.

True, sometimes I fix a mistake only to find another mistake to make.

I am sure that Green Bay fans everywhere were celebrating the win, just as I was. There is no doubt that many television sets were turned off shortly after Wilsons fourth interception.

The announcers were wrapping it up and as far as everyone was concerned, it was over.

Is it over for me?

Is it over for you?

The message today is that whatever mistakes or bad decision we’ve made in the past, no matter what we have done that we may feel bad about, no matter about anything… that was “then.”

And this is “Now.”

(Just for the record, I was pulling for the Green Bay Packers)

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dale says:

Amen, Kyle! Successful people are the ones who keep taking the next step no matter what happens. I can’t tell you how many times I have been discouraged in my road to ministry, yet I kept working toward my goal – and it’s paying off so well now. Thanks for your blogposts!