Prayer and Perception


Unity Village 2017 Summer

Someone reminded me recently of the quote from, “A Course In Miracle’s” which says, “A miracle is a change in perception.

And boy was it good to be reminded of that.

After all, isn’t that what we are looking for? A change in our perception? We want to get rid of negativity in our lives, we want to forgive people, but how?

How exactly am I supposed to see that this is okay? How am I supposed to let this go? How am I supposed to deal with this person or this situation?

First off, understanding that when we have negative energy inside of us, it is ours, is a big step.

No matter what anyone says or does to us, no matter what atrocities we see on the news, if we have a negative response to it, we have negative energy inside of us. It is ours now.

We have moved into a lower consciousness.

Secondly, we can remember that we cannot take anything personally. (remember “The Four Agreements?”)

Everything that anyone says is about themselves. Nobody can actually say anything about you. Or do anything to hurt you. When we say or do hurtful things, we can only hurt ourselves.

Lastly, we can work on moving into a higher consciousness by using prayer. We can ask to be shown or given a different perception. We can take a few minutes and put ourselves in the other persons shoes and try to understand why they are behaving the way they are.

Jesus taught us that anyone can do the easy stuff. But it takes a conscious effort to do the hard stuff. But the hard stuff is what counts. Yes?

When someone is negative, we do not want to join them. No. We don’t want negativity. And so we love them. We see that if they are behaving in a negative or hurtful way, that they must be negative and hurting.

As Buddhist teacher Pema Chodrin teaches us, we want to keep our hearts open.

When we can get that change in perception and open our hearts in a difficult situation, we have grown.

And it feels really good. Much better than being angry.

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