Prayer and Meditation for Today (10-15-2014)


At the origin of all things, is Love.

So all things must be Love. Even the things that don’t look like or feel like Love, must be. Because that is where all things originate from.

Contemplation on negativity such as “hate” and “violence” it seems that a person wouldn’t become angry or hateful unless one cared.

It is impossible to not be Love.

The teacher Marianne Williamson says, “Every action in the Universe is either an act of Love, or it is a call for Love.”

So when someone is mean to me, or when I fear that I cannot trust a person or situation, it is my job to see the Love in the person or in the situation.

When something or someone leaves my life, I must know that it is necessary. And that the thing or the person leaving is simply making space for what will be next.

I know that I come from Love and that I am Love. And the same is true about you.

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