Practice Makes Perfect


Heather and IMy lovely wife Heather caught me tonight.

We were talking about me going to school, plans for the future, and things of that nature, when suddenly she said to me, “No. You sound like you are telling me that you are okay because of your plans.”

Then she started telling me, “You have to be okay with you right now as you are. Not because you have plans and goals.”

Once again, I was trying to define myself, or better yet, to justify myself.

Then she started telling me that, “You say everything will be alright when you get your degree, but when you get your degree, then you will need a church, and then you will need a bigger church, and it just goes on and on.”

She can get on a roll.

(Often I’ve thought that it is her that should be on the ministry path, but she just rolls her eyes when I mention that.)

What she was telling me is something I’ve told a thousand people and written about and given talks about, and yet still I can fall into the same trap.

We have to be okay right now.

We cannot put conditions on our happiness.

I have to remember that I am a child of God(the Universe) and that I am just okay. I don’t have to do anything to be okay, I just am.

And so are you.

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kyle says:

She’s a smart one alright.

kyle says:

Yes. Progress.

kyle says:

Isn’t that the truth? They know how to pick us don’t they?

kyle says:

We will miss you too my dear but I know you are having a blast wherever you may be.