Practical Thoughts on Healing


It is so very true that a lot of illness and disease is caused by our mental state of
being. When we are angry, stressed and afraid, when we bottle up our emotions and don’t know how to properly process through them to the other side, it is very damaging to the body. The brain releases chemicals, we are having negative thought patterns play over and over, our heart rate and blood pressure can rise, we can have stomach and digestive troubles, and even breathing troubles. So if we can heal ourselves emotionally and Spiritually, this will no doubt have positive effects on our body’s. Healing emotionally will heal physically, and it has no choice. This is simple logic.

We still have not figured out how to stop people from aging and passing away. We know that as things are, we are all going to pass. We haven’t figured out how to grow a new limb, how to cure certain diseases, but man has figured out a lot if you think about it. Diseases that used to rampage societies have been rendered obsolete. Sickness that used to take a hard toll, now barely makes a scratch. For all its shortcomings, modern medicine has performed great feats, and needs to be recognized and honored.

I deal primarily with SPIRIT Healing. Psychic or mental and emotional healing, and as a result, sometimes people experience physical improvements or healing. I have given messages to people, that were from people who had passed away into the other realm. I play music all the time that is not from me, but from the open line with SPIRIT. I come to believe more and more every day that the Creator who created the Universe, the grand canyon, lady bugs, and elephants, can and will do anything, when called on properly. I have seen miracles, things that aren’t supposed to happen, things that cannot be explained.

A “shift” can be caused by different things. Many times an explosion has to occur in our lives in order to wake us up and get our attention. It could be caused by the sudden unexpected death of a loved one, or it could be caused by something small, like a child saying “I don’t want you to stay home today daddy!” It takes different things to “shift” different people, but when a shift occurs, no matter what its cause, it is a great miracle occurrence. It will rock you into a new awareness and a new way of being. A new world!

Here are 4 statements to contemplate:

– Your mental and emotional state has a lot to do with your physical state.
– When you heal mentally and emotionally, you will heal physically too.
– There is NOTHING that the Great Creator cannot do. Nothing.
– The worst thing that ever happened to you, is the best thing that ever happened to you.

In Absolute Presence and SPIRIT,



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