Please Pass the Positive!



When the SPIRIT Center is built, the first thing you will see upon entering will be a giant picture of the Dalai Lama and his quote “I am not “anti-war”, I am “pro-peace!”

You don’t want to be “anti” anything. It doesn’t work. It is a futile effort at best. So to pass violent video’s around the internet, or video’s of people doing any kind of “injustice”, with the intent of being “anti” or “against”, is simply going to work against you. Even operating under the guise of “We must let people know about this!” Why? Do you think we don’t know?

Tonight, one of my Facebook friends posted a violent video and commented “Pass this around”. This was just the “straw that broke the camel’s back”, because I see plenty of these every day and always want to comment but never do. (So if by chance this guy reads this blog, it isn’t anything personal against you) I finally let it out and responded “No. Pass it around and more people will see it and it will become more popular and more people will do it!” The guy unknowingly, is promoting what he thinks he is warning us about. Now you know!

Have you ever heard the saying “If you want to sell a news paper, you need a good train wreck”? I quit reading the paper and watching cable news a very long time ago. Torture for me is a doctor’s office waiting room where they have CNN on television. If you aren’t sick, you will be sick by the time you see the doctor! They may as well name the news “All the worst things we could find to show you, and all the things we think will enrage you the most” My point is that I bet there are more positive things happening in the world than negative.

I’m starting to feel as if people like to see people suffering, and people like to get angry and feel superior to other people. You are going to keep promoting it, and then you are going to get more of it, and then you are going to be surprised.

Personal stories are good so I’ll tell you a quick one: I used to work in an independently owned coffee shop, and one day it was announced that a major chain coffee shop was opening across the street. People were angry, and busted out the windows of the shop before they even opened. Everyone was worried and when the chain shop opened, there were plenty of protesters on hand. One night I stood and watched a man stand at their door and try to convince people not to go in. He was so hostile and angry and spewing negativity all over the place. I couldn’t help but walk up to him and say “Mr. if you spent half this energy over there trying to get people to come in to the locally owned coffee shop, they would be able to remain open.” He of course wanted none of this, as he was having too much fun being angry and superior. The truth is that there was nobody as passionate about the local shop staying open as this guy was about the chain shop closing. Eventually the protester’s stopped, and the local shop did go out of business. (not because of the chain shop)

So here at the table with you, I ask you to please pass the positive! If you look for positive, you will find it in spades all around.  I guarantee it.

Kyle Shiver is a husband, father, inspirational speaker, meditation guide, and life coach. (among other things) His new audio cd of guided meditations “Vibrations of the Heart” is now available HERE. 

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