Personal Musings 4-22-13


The new office at Synergistic Bodies is a really good situation for me! The gang there has really welcomed me, and it is refreshing to be around other practitioners. Lat week we all met and I had a chance to lead them on a guided meditation and share a little bit about what I do. It was awesome! They do lots of personal physical training there, so there is a nautilus room and they also have a good sized Yoga room. Heck, this might even inspire me to work out!? Yikes! Douglass Hutto is an amazing person to speak with, and has been very helpful to many people, so it is an honor to be working with him in his holistic health services.

Having this opportunity is causing me to make some new promotional material, which always throws me off a little. I’ve played music all my life and if you were to just walk up and ask me “What type of music do you play?” you would soon be in knee-deep mud. I play lots of different kinds of music, and no one particular kind or genre. To me, music is music.

It has turned out to be pretty much the same with the healing arts. Healing is healing. Each person requires a different approach in healing, and the most important aspect for me is to find out the best way to approach any particular person. All of the healing techniques that I use are proven to work. My life coaching program, meditation, relaxation therapy, Reiki, sound healing, all these methods are very useful, so it is basically up to me to decide how to best help a person achieve what they are trying to achieve. Be it physical or emotional health, overcoming a bad habit, or finishing school, or achieving a career goal.

As you may have guessed, when it comes to promotional material, it has to be short and sweet. It has to be “Blues” or “Classic Rock”, it has to have a direct label. So it has been decided by myself and the confidants that my label in the healing world is going to be “Stress Management”. This is simply because at the root of any trouble you may have, there is stress. Stress is the cause of everything from bad habits, bad relationships, bad careers, to illness and disease. The trick is that I don’t really deal with stress as much as I deal with what is causing the stress. But we don’t have to get in to all that here.

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