Oneness Consciousness (part two: “What is God?”)


Here is an idea to contemplate: What if “God” made everything and then sat down and hasn’t done anything since?

For those of us with very deep embedded ideas of God as an entity in the sky, this is quite a stretch I know, but please remember that we are “just looking”. I am not one of those people who sit behind a desk or a pulpit and bang the gavel saying, “This is the way and the ONLY way!” I simply invite you, if you wish to contemplate an idea.

And this was a very new idea for me. It had come up in various ways a few times when someone would use the example that “electricity was possible the entire time, it is just that we hadn’t developed in to it yet” or “Flying was possible during the times of Jesus, except for the fact that man had not evolved in to flying yet.” It seems to me that every possibility has always been.

This leaves me wondering about what possibilities there are right now that we don’t know about, or that we haven’t yet evolved into yet.

So back to the idea that God made everything and then stopped. He hasn’t lifted a finger since and He isn’t going to. It doesn’t matter how He feels or what He thinks, what he made is made and set into motion. So therefore, weather He is there or not, would have no effect on anything whatsoever.

You could easily, as many have done, make the decision that “There is no God”.

I know many who have come to this conclusion, and we know these people as “Atheist”.

There are many more people that I know though, who want to “know God” better, to have a relationship with “God”. It seems to me that what all people want in general, is… we want what we want.

And there is nothing wrong with that! We want a better life. We want more success. We want our basic needs to be met and then we want to go on vacation too. (Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica for me!!!) We want world peace, we want to figure out what to do with the homeless, we want a good education for our children,… for the most part, what we want is fine and good and certainly understandable.

So what we really want to know is how to get what we want.

That means that a “God” who made everything and then sat down, is useless. And what we need is something that is useful. Something that we can use. What we need is to have a clear understanding of what we need to do in order to get what we want. We need a system we can use. We need something that will work for us.

And what we have discovered is that we already have this system!

The Universal Laws are nothing new. They are pretty much described and layed out for us in the bible, and in most other world scripture as well. The Laws are all very simple and easily understood; You must give in order to receive, you are forgiven as you forgive, and these ideas fall neatly in to “Love Thy Neighbor” don’t they?

But the funny thing is, that myself included, we can wonder why things aren’t working out for us. For instance, we want a “healthy relationship”, and so we fall in love with a crack addict who is a prostitute. (Yes I actually did that once) (well, I maybe have done that more than once)

Think of it like this; You want a number four, so you get a three and a seven and you add them up and you keep coming up with a ten. But a ten is not what you want, you want a four. As it turns out, mathematics is an unchanging principal, just like the Universal Laws I speak of. If you want to get a four, you will need a two and a two, or a three and a one, and then you will automatically have the four. And there is no question.

At this point in our contemplation, we have a “God” who has created all things, including Universal Laws, or certain “principals”, and then sat down and will go no further. This puts the ball in my court, so to speak. This puts everything on the individual. What I finally had to do was to take a good look at myself. I had to ask myself, “Where are you not in line with principal?” “What Universal Laws are you going against?” “Are you attempting to get a four, by adding together a three and a seven?”

Whenever things aren’t working out in my life, it is because I am going against the grain of a Universal Law. Simple as that.

So nearing the close of this blog, we encounter the original question, “What is “God”? Well, “God” is to you what it is. He, she, Father Sky, Mother Earth, … to me the idea of “God” is a very personal thing, and I imagine that there are as many idea’s of what “God” is, as there are people. And let’s not forget those who don’t bring “God” in to the equation.

To me personally, when I use the word “God”, I mean “Principal” or “Universal Law”, or what Taoists call “The Way”. It is useful. It never changes or goes anywhere. All people and all things in the Universe are subject to it. I can flow with it to get what I want, or I can flow against it and get what I don’t want.

What does this have to do with “Oneness Consciousness”? A lot. Principal, or the Universal Laws, are your Truth, no matter what you believe or don’t believe. It doesn’t matter what color you are, or which political party you belong to. It doesn’t matter what country you are from. We are all people. We are all alive. We all live in a Universe that operates according to certain Law’s. We are ONE.

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