Oneness Consciousness (part one: “Where Is God?”)

Look what found me!

Look what found me!

It always seemed to me that God made everything and every person.

Most everyone I ask, agree’s with this  idea that “God created everything”. Whatever God is, must have made it all, and so it always resonated with me that everything and everyone is “of God”. And this is the very idea of “Oneness Consciousness”. If there is a “God”, then how could there be anything else?

Being “of God”, we are not separate from God.

Do you still look up at the sky and talk to God? Do you still ask God for things? Do you still try and bargain with God? Do you still have the idea that if you are “bad”, God will punish you? Do you wonder why sometimes when you are “good”, you still don’t get what you want?

As I shared with someone earlier today, this is something that we are doing together. We are breaking the idea of “Separateness Consciousness”, because we know that it is not Truth. I think that even people who have never gone to church, have this idea of separateness deeply imbedded in them. This is what we were taught, that God operates much like Santa Clause. This is very deeply embedded into the fabric of our society. It’s even on our money; “In God We Trust.” This clearly insinuates that there is someone up in the sky in Heaven, and we are to trust in Him.

So how do you feel if I tell you that I think I am God? How do you feel if I tell you that I think you are God too? How does it resonate with you if I tell you that I think that God is in every single thing that you can see, touch, feel, or imagine? What does that feel like to you?

What about the idea that there is no God sitting up in the sky somewhere, who is keeping tabs on you? What about the idea that there is no one up there to pray to? There is no one to bargain or reason with?

“Where is God?” I don’t think there is anything or anyone that isn’t God, or any place where God is not.

kyle_ssi_002 3Please feel free to comment on this blog, or ask questions concerning these ideas. The idea is to start a dialogue, and I am totally open to hear your thoughts, as long as they are genuine. 

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