One Last Look


Last year when we evacuated Savannah to escape  hurricane Matthew, we were sort of in a daze.

We’d lived here for fourteen years and had never had to evacuate before, but suddenly we found ourselves packing some small bags and getting in the car, and driving away.

We are most fortunate that my parents live about four hours from here, and we were able to go and stay with them. It was a nice visit and we ended up staying for six or seven days.

Once we knew the power was back on, we came home.

It was very shocking. Especially when we got here to Wilmington Island where we live. We already knew that a large tree had fallen in our yard and had hit our brand new screened in porch. (see photo)

Friends were here in no time. Things took shape and somehow it all got fixed. People were running around all over the place helping each other.

And it was good.

It could have been much worse. We see it on television and on the internet all day every day. Watching the awful storm and flooding in Texas recently was heart wrenching for all of us.

But now we have Irma coming. And Irma is a doozy. Larger than the state of Ohio. Hurricane Matthew was nothing compared to this.

Hey, it may change before it gets here, but the size of it and the damage we have already seen is reason enough for us all to start packing up and heading out.

For some reason, maybe it’s the size of this storm, it seems tougher this year. Perhaps it is that we saw our world so damaged last year and we know that this could be much worse.

My daughter was asking me all kinds of questions the other night, and I basically said to her, “There is a big storm coming and we don’t want to be here when it arrives. We want to be in a safe place. We are doing all we can to save things that cannot be replaced. (mostly pictures that haven’t been digitized) But stuff is stuff. We can always get more stuff.”

Fortunately, she agreed with me. So pretty soon we will load up ourselves, two cats, and one dog, and hit the road. Along with thousands and thousands of other people, we will flee to safety.

None of us knowing what we will return to.

And ya know what? That is not the best feeling in the world. None of us want our homes destroyed. None of us want to lose our valuable possessions.

What about God? I really don’t think that there is a God up in the sky who rewards us or punishes us. I see bad things happen to perfectly good people all the time and vice-versa.

Clowning around at the Jeckyll Island Club

To me it seems like we are all just small parts of this One big system. When I think of God, I think of cicadas or birds singing. I think of the sky and the clouds. I think of the dirt beneath my feet, and tree’s.

And tonight as I sit here and write this, I am pretty okay with just being a small part of this One System. Of God. It’s just all part of It.

But I did go ride my bike around the neighborhood. I am enjoying myself tonight. This might be my one last look around here.

And if it is, then so be it. Just as long as me and my girls are safe.

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