One Bite At A Time


elephany kilimanjaroThe title of this blog is actually the answer to the question, “How do you eat an elephant?”

That is correct, “One bite at a time.” Of course you know how I love elephants, so please, no elephant eating around here!

But you get it. Elephants are huge. They weigh tons. If you were faced with this task of eating an elephant, it would have to be one bite at a time.

You get a diploma by taking one class or one assignment at a time. You stay clean and sober, by not using or drinking one day at a time. You write a book by writing one word at a time or one paragraph at a time. You walk a long journey by taking one step at a time.

We have stated our intentions or goals, and we know the steps we have to take to achieve them. We got out a map and charted our course. Now we must keep the mind where the body is. We want to keep our focus on the task at hand.

God help you if you stand back and look at the twelve thousand pound(that is six tons) elephant, and then gaze down at your stomach.

If you do that, you will quickly see that you could never eat an elephant. It certainly doesn’t appear as if you could, does it?

It might just as well appear right now as if you can’t finish what you started, you can’t pass the class, you can’t make it till bed time without getting high, you can’t possibly write an entire book… there is no way you could walk across the desert.

So we keep it “one bite at a time”. If we do just one thing at a time, we can do anything! You can break it down into as many steps as you need. You can take a bite, take care of today’s class assignments, hold off on getting high or giving in and having that drink until tomorrow, write a few pages even if you think they aren’t very good, focus on taking the little steps. and every so often you can look up and you will see that the elephant has gotten a little smaller.

I did a little checking around and found that the average male elephant weights a stunning twelve thousand pounds, or six tons.

Then I did a little more research, and found an interesting article from NPR by a lady named Allison Aubrey. She claims that the average American eats about one ton of food a year.

While remembering that there will be no eating of elephants around here, it is good to know that it would be possible. According to Allison, it would take six years.

Let us remember that the longest journey begins with… the first bite.

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