Some Benefits of Meditation


kyle_ssi_004In meditation, we choose where we will place our focus, and then we practice holding our focus or attention there. This will require us to be consciously aware, because we have to be present in order to hold the direction of the mind where we want it.

So we are doing two things at once here; 1) Being present and in awareness, and 2) practicing focus, or rather training and taking control of our mind.

If you practice meditation daily, it won’t be long before it will begin to show up in your daily life. You will notice suddenly that you are present, and in the moment, and it will feel really good. You will begin to notice that you slip in and out of presence, as we all do. But if you continue your meditation practice, in time you will be present and in the “now” a lot more often than you ever were before beginning your meditation practice. Being “present” is in a nutshell, what meditation is, and we will strive to be present more often. You can be in a “meditative state” anywhere, in any situation, and as you practice, this will be the case more and more often. You are alive and present not just while sitting in your meditation, but at work, talking to a friend, with your family, and finally, everywhere you are in meditation! This is the goal.

A very focused and concentrated football or baseball player is in meditation. This is what meditation is! Of course, we can be alert and focused, and not be in such a tense situation as the athletes, but erase from your mind that meditation only happens while wearing a robe and sitting in a full lotus.

Now you can control your mind, and you are no longer at the mercy of it, or of any person or situation. You will begin to catch yourself when getting angry or afraid, know it for what it is, and then actually decide to act in the way you desire. Every once in a while, just before going on stage, I will be stricken with terror, and I mean big time terror. My hands shake, my mind races, and I just cannot pull myself together. This kind of fear keeps most people from doing what they want in life, but my meditation practice allows me to separate myself from these emotions and these fears. I say “I am not these emotions and fears, I am SPIRIT, and I am going up there on stage no matter what!” So instead of being controlled by the mind and emotions, I am controlled by ME.

This ability of mind control will make every aspect of your life better. Work, play, relationships, health, everything! Now, instead of acting in accordance with your feelings, you act in accordance with your intentions. You can see that not going to school because you feel fear, is not going to get you any closer to your degree, or your intention, and you can go anyway!

Here is a nice 30 minute guided meditation for you to enjoy! GUIDED MEDITATION

Kyle Shiver is a husband and father, an inspirational speaker, meditation guide, life coach, musician, and an artist. Click HERE to purchase your copy of his new cd of guided meditations called “Vibrations of the Heart”.

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