On Veteran’s Day


Just wanted to take a moment and say “Thank You” to all the veteran’s out there, and to all the families of veteran’s.

There are certain realities in the world that even a “Pro- Peace” guy like myself can’t help but see. When all is said and done and all the cards are out on the table, our country and our soldiers have done a lot of good in the world.

Not only do they sacrifice their lives and their time with their families, not only do they go into war zones witnessing things that you really do not want to witness, just look around the next time there is a natural disaster. Those guys are all over the place helping out and keeping order when needed.

Now more than ever I pray that this country and the people of this country acknowledges and works to help our veterans. The soldiers who are coming home now in droves with PTSD are losing their families, and the suicide rate is at a very alarming figure.

These men serve us, and I pray that we serve them in return by giving them the help that they need.

Thank you. I see you. And I for one am grateful to you for your service.

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