On Positive Thinking


kyle_ssi_008Negative thoughts are like the leaves at the top of a tree. They themselves are just small leaves, but they stem from a tall tree and deep roots. Imagine dark negative roots below the ground that rise into a trunk, and then a tall tree with many branches and leaves. This tree can only emit negativity, and only knows how to take in more negative energy to feed off of. Meditate on this cycle, it is amazing.
Negative roots do not produce positive leaves. In a tree of negativity, roots and leaves are not even aware of one another.

One day a dark, depressed, angry leaf spied a leaf of light atop a near-by tree, and curiosity was sparked! The negative leaf was tired of being dark and depressed, and especially so, now that he could see a leaf that was joyful and positive and made of light. So the dark leaf, in desperation, called out to the leaf of light, who heard the call, and gladly shared his light with the dark leaf.

At first, there were many times when the dark leaf did not feel positive, but spoke positively anyway. There were many days when the dark leaf felt hopeless, like he could never become a leaf of light, but the leaves of light were always there to reassure him, and to urge him on. The dark leaf began to pay less and less attention to other dark leaves, he surrounded himself as much as possible with leaves of light. He denied all darkness and affirmed all light as much as he possibly could. Things began to change. The leaf began to stop taking in negative energy from other dark leaves and also stopped spreading his negative energy. He learned how to spread positive energy, even though he didn’t always feel like it. But one day he did feel positive! dark leaf found himself to be a little lighter. NOW HE BELIEVED!!! “This really works!!!” he exclaimed, and then he really went about this business of creating more and more light inside of himself.

Soon there was a tree who was made of very deep negative roots, a negative trunk and branches, but the top of the tree was filled with positive leaves of light. The positive leaves were careful to spend their days talking with other trees that had other positive leaves. From leaves of light, they learned how to become leaves of light themselves!

When it became time for the leaves to fall to the ground, they brought their light down to the ground, and soon, a little light began to seep in to the deeply buried dark negative roots. The great transformation had begun.


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Wendy & Roy says:

A much appreciated share !! Now going out to the back yard to shake loose the “contrasting vibes” (sometimes the negative point the way for a desire of positve ) in my mind while gazing up into this beautiful day
IN JOY, Namaste!