On Easter


Over the years, there have been two mantra’s that I have used.

Some people are given mantra’s by a guru, but mine came to me because they stood out so clearly and resonated so deeply with me.

Both came from our way-shower Jesus.

“Behold! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”


“I and thy Father are One.”

I write them in my journal, say them to myself often during the day, and use them in meditation by repeating them over and over and contemplating the meaning.

Using these mantra’s and contemplating the meaning, led me to my word for this year, which is, “RELAX!”

Just relax. Be here now. Be Present in this moment. Accept all that is your life in this moment as Divine Order.

Jesus told us that we are in Heaven right now.

“At hand” means exactly that. It is in your hand. You are standing on Holy ground. Right now.

We don’t have to do anything or be any certain way in order to experience Heaven. We have only to open our awareness to the Heaven that is always surrounding us. To the miracle of life. The body and the mind that we have been given to use in our service to the Universe.

In this state of consciousness we can feel our Oneness with the Universe.

Jesus said that we are One with our Father. We are connected. We are already in Heaven.

And on this Easter, this is the invitation.

Wake up! Let us be alert and awake and present in this Holy moment. Let us do what we do as a service to the Universe. We are truly all One. And so any service we do for the Universe we are also doing for ourselves.

It is not easy to stay in this Higher Consciousness. This is what we strive for, what we practice. Sometimes it come easier than at other times. It is something we have to consciously do.

Let us be in Heaven. Let us feel as One with Creation.

And let us have a happy Easter!

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