On Being Discontent


It isn’t so easy to achieve the “Middle Way” that the Buddha taught us about.

The major thing I have been working on for the last couple of years is to not be overly serious.

But I slip into it just as naturally as my body breathes.

Today I am too serious, and yesterday I wasn’t serious enough. And we all have those people around us who are more than willing to let us know when they think we are out of balance.

My Spirit Guide tells me in not so many words that it is for me to just learn to enjoy it.

It isn’t like I’m in prison or that there is really anything major going on in my life. But I can get so intense and serious about things, that before you know it, I am really not enjoying all of the wonderful blessings that I have.

So as sad as it may sound, a lot of my Spiritual Practice is about saying to myself, “Kyle, let’s just enjoy this!”

And I can and I do.

Cutting the grass, playing with my band or with the band at church, writing, having dinner and spending time with my family… just last week my parents were here and I was off both Friday and Saturday nights, so we built a fire in the fire pit and just hung out both nights.

You see where I’m going with this?

I have it made.

And yet somewhere inside of me there is a discontent, and if I am not careful, this discontent can ruin everything.

At times I am just discontent with myself. At times I am discontent with worry about the future.

Things haven’t necessarily always worked out the way I’d like. Everything in my life is not exactly the way I sometimes think it should be.

I’m not always the way I’d like to be.

So this is about remembering that I am doing my best. I have plans and am working towards lots of things a little at a time.

And there is no reason why I can’t just be here in this moment and enjoy it.

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