Non Attachment (part 2)

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

It is the attachment to our self image that is most detrimental to us. Every person sees him or herself in a certain way, it is as if you are a character in a movie. “This is what I like and don’t like, this is how I act, this is what I believe”. This self image that we have of ourselves plays its self out in real life. We live up to it, even when it is killing us.

We spend so much time trying to quit smoking, to control our anger, our drinking or eating habits, or to try and get ourselves to exercise, but we must understand that the reason we do these things or have these bad habits is because they are a part of our self image. We have decided how we are, and then we act it out. We surround ourselves with people who come to know us for our habits. The sports we enjoy and our favorite team. The fact that we drink too much and have trouble with relationships. Often times the people in our lives even further strengthen our self image.

It is the self image that must change. We must somehow begin to see ourselves, our movie character, in a different light. But we are so attached to it. After all, we’ve always been this way. The first step in letting go of this, is to realize that we are not any of the things that we think we are. You are not anger, or a bad habit, or a craving, or an emotion. These are all things that you experience, but you can experience different things. You can experience good things, good feelings, and freedom from bad habits or stress. Make a change in perception, in your self image, and when you do, the changes on the outside will just happen effortlessly.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this blog, where we will actually step by step, change your life!
Many blessings,

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richard king says:

have you heard anything of bill riley? it has been about a year since i would see him at central sun am meeting,he spoke highly of you. I went back a few times,but no one had seen him,just wondering if you had heard anything,I hope all is well with him,but I wonder,maybe I will call the last number I have for him. Hope you are well,it seems you are. Best to you and your family,saw your Dad about 6 months ago at Washburns service station,he seemed in good spirits. peace to you Richard