Nobody Wins an Argument


peteOne day the desire to argue just vanished from me. Perhaps it was the realization that you can’t actually win an argument that did it.

A friend of mine used to be a police officer and he says, “I can hold you at gun point and you will say whatever I tell you to say, but as soon as I lower my weapon, you’re back to your old self.”

That really hit home with me.

Because basically an argument is two people who have low self-esteem, who are attempting to feel better about themselves. The way this is done is you find someone who is stupid.

And you argue with them.

Which is exactly what they have done too. They have found someone who is stupid too.


But what happens when you don’t argue? When you don’t need to find a stupid person to help you feel better about yourself? When there is no need whatsoever to prove that you are “right”?

An argument is rarely about whatever the subject of the argument is about, as much as it is about both parties need to be “right”. When this is dissolved, then a situation can move into something deeper.

Then you can look at facts, logic, and reason. You can actually talk.

You can hold someone at gunpoint, you can have more money, more power, you can own the world, but you’ll never win an argument.

Nobody ever does.

And if you don’t agree with me, that is totally okay!

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bobbie sylve says:


kyle says:

Thank you for reading and commenting Bobbie!

Lesta says:

I agree with you. Wholeheartedly. Well said.

kyle says:

Love you Lesta Sue!